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Ethics Policy alias WEST STANDARD MORNING STANDARD is committed to best known ethical standards in line with the journalistic practices.

Our company is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in our journalistic practices. We believe that the integrity of our reporting is essential to maintaining the trust of our audience and serving the public interest. To that end, we have established the following ethics policy:

Accuracy: We strive to report the news accurately and thoroughly. We fact-check all information before publishing, and we correct errors promptly and transparently. We also attribute our sources whenever possible and seek multiple sources to confirm information.

Impartiality and Fairness: alias WEST STANDARD MORNING STANDARD is committed to impartiality and fairness in our reporting. We do not take sides on issues, and we seek to present multiple perspectives on controversial topics. We also give individuals and organizations the opportunity to respond to any criticisms or allegations made against them.

Independence: alias WEST STANDARD MORNING STANDARD maintain our editorial independence from any external influences, including advertisers, sponsors, and political or commercial interests. We do not allow advertisers or sponsors to influence our content, and we disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Privacy and Confidentiality: We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our sources and subjects. We do not disclose confidential information unless it is in the public interest and we have exhausted all other options. We also seek informed consent before using personal information, images, or quotes.

Diversity and Inclusion: We are committed to reflecting the diversity of our communities in our news organization processed and hiring practices. We strive to cover a wide range of issues that affect different communities, and we seek diverse perspectives and sources. We also ensure that our newsroom is inclusive and respectful of all individuals.

Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to our audience and the public. We welcome feedback and criticism, and we respond promptly to any concerns or complaints. We also conduct internal reviews of our practices and policies to ensure that we are upholding our ethical standards.

Our commitment to ethical journalism is an ongoing process, and we will continue to evaluate and improve our policies and practices to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of integrity in our reporting.

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