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Actionable feedback policy

At alias WEST STANDARD MORNING STANDARD, we value feedback as a critical tool for growth and development. We believe that feedback is most effective when it is specific, actionable, and focused on behaviors that can be changed. To that end, we have established the following actionable feedback policy:

Timely and regular feedback: We provide feedback regularly and in a timely manner, rather than waiting for formal performance reviews. This enables employees to make adjustments to their behaviors and performance in real-time, and reduces the likelihood of surprises during formal evaluations.

Specific and behavioral: At alias WEST STANDARD MORNING STANDARD provide feedback that is specific and focused on behaviors that can be changed. We avoid generalizations and focus on specific instances where an employee can improve. We also use specific examples to illustrate our feedback, rather than making broad statements.

Balanced and constructive: We provide feedback that is balanced and constructive. We highlight areas where an employee excels, as well as areas where they can improve. We provide suggestions for improvement and support employees in developing an action plan for growth.

Respectful and Supportive: At alias WEST STANDARD MORNING STANDARD provide feedback that is respectful and supportive. We avoid personal attacks or criticism and focus on behaviors and performance. We also recognize that receiving feedback can be challenging and provide support and resources to help employees process and act on feedback.

Follow-Up and Accountability: We follow up on feedback and hold ourselves and employees accountable for implementing changes. We set clear expectations and provide resources and support to help employees achieve their goals. We also recognize and reward progress and growth.

Our commitment to actionable feedback is an ongoing process, and we will continue to evaluate and improve our policies and practices to ensure that we provide effective feedback that supports growth and development for all employees.

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